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Libanais is America’s favorite manufacturer and retailer of authentics Lebanese Baklava and sweets.

Welcome to Libanais Sweets

Libanais Sweets Baklava (pronounced Lee-Ba-Nay) doesn’t just make Mediterranean sweets and desserts – we’ve perfected it! We make Mediterranean classics that are meticulously hand-crafted, delectably prepared with the finest and freshest ingredients, and divinely made to balance each of the flavors so that they don’t overpower each other and can be savored in each and every bite.

Authentic Lebanese Baklava

We recognize that the timeless cross-cultural phenomenon of baklava is a world-class treat and has become a hit as an American delicatessen. We recognize that many Turk, Greek and Middle Eastern cultures have their own way of making baklava and prefer it no other way. We also know that not every baklava is authentic and true to tradition. Our secret ingredient is our grandfather’s secret recipe. Perfected on the shores of the Mediterranean in and overlooking the famous Rawshe rocks in Beirut, Lebanon. He brought this over to America many years ago and we have been following it ever since.

Commitment to quality

At Libanais Sweets we’ve got it down to a science. In fact, we consider our process a craft and is our claim to fame. We make authentic baklava made to appease even the most discriminant baklava connoisseur. We’re committed to using high quality fresh and natural ingredients acquired directly from local farmers (when possible) and free of artificial flavors and preservatives. Our meticulous preparation ensures that mediocrity has no place behind our counter. We believe that every layer of phyllo dough sandwiched between premium quality nuts should be mouthwatering, delectable, savory, not too sweet but not too bland, not too syrupy but with the right amount that will keep the taste of nuts and dough in perspective. You will be able to enjoy and distinguish the different textures and flavors of the ingredients in every bite of our baklava leaving you with a pleasant and delightful aftertaste.

Healthy Baklava

Libanais Sweets offers three types of baklava: Original, Sugar Free, and Vegan. We also have a keen focus on making healthy baklava with 0% cholesterol* and low Sodium* levels. We have an unshakeable commitment to customer service and pour out an enormous amount of affection and care in our baking process. It’s easy to see what Libanais Sweets has been a choice of authentic baklava from all types of people representing all cultures.

Best Baklava in Chicago

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4708 W. Touhy Ave.
Lincolnwood, IL 60712

You can reach us by phone at 847-329-5060

Hours of operation:
Monday – Tuesday: 7:00  am – 7:00 pm
Wednesday – Saturday 7:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm