About Us

America’s favorite manufacturer and retailer of authentic baklava, sweets, pita bread, and pita chips


Libanais (pronounced Lee-Ba-Nay) Foods is a trailblazing first-generation immigrant-owned business, specializing in crafting exquisite "little desserts" such as baklava, date, pistachio, or walnut-filled cookies, authentic pita bread in various sizes, and pita chips in a variety of flavors.


Most of our products are vegan, with sugar-free options available. At Libanais Foods, we've mastered the art of creating delectable treats that cater to diverse dietary preferences without sacrificing flavor.

Libanais Foods Highlights


1. SQF certified

2. 25,000 sqft state of the art facility 

3. We produce over 15,000 lbs of baklava every week

4. Our baklava comes in Vegan or Suga-free options in a variety of sizes and packages 

5. Our Pita bread line makes 9000 loaves per hour

6. Our pita is made hands-free from dough mix to bread bag, fully automated

7. Our pita bread is certified kosher by the CRC

8. All our products are certified halal

9. Our ingredients list is clean, we use no artificial flavors, colors etc…