SQF is a food safety standard recognized by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative). GFSI has approved SQF as one of the benchmarked schemes that meet their stringent requirements for food safety management systems. This recognition means that companies implementing SQF can demonstrate compliance with GFSI's global standards, enhancing their credibility and market access.

Veganism is the practice ofabstaining from the use of animal products — particularly in diet — and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals. A person who follows the diet or philosophy is known as avegan. Dietary vegans,also known as "strict vegetarians", refrain from consuming meat, eggs, dairy products, and any other animal-derived substances.

Pareve (from Yiddish: פאַרעוו for "neutral", in Hebrew פרווה‎, and also parve and other variant English spellings) is a classification of edible substances that contain neither dairy nor meat ingredients. Food in this category includes all items that grow from the ground (fruits, vegetables, grains, etc.)

Halal certification applies to the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors and attests that a producti s manufactured in full compliance with the precepts of Islamic Law, that it does not include any “forbidden” components, and has in no way been in contact with any substances or objects considered “impure“.

GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering and are usually made to resist herbicide application. GMOs have been connected with health problems and environmental damage. Libanais Foods is proud to carry products with this seal.

A gluten-free diet exclude sany foods that contain gluten, which is a protein found in wheat and several other grains. It means eating only whole foods that don't contain gluten,such as fruits, vegetables, meat and eggs, as well as processed gluten-freef oods like gluten-free bread or pasta. Libanais Foods is proud to carry products that are gluten free.