The Libanais Difference

The Libanais Sweets Baklava Difference

The Libanais Sweets Baklava Difference

Even More Reasons why Libanais Sweets manufactures the best baklava

While the reasons above should always be the criteria that you use to evaluate the best baklava, we offer you a few more reasons why our products are so special.

  • 100% authentic Lebanese baklava based on our grandfather’s secret recipe
  • Our baklava is GMO Free.
  • Our Baklava is also cholesterol free. We always strive to make our products as delicious and healthy as possible.
  • Our desserts are also Vegan without sacrificing the great taste.
  • Our pledge to you is to never use coloring, preservatives, or artificial flavors
  • All natural ingredients.
  • Made with all Kosher certified ingredients.
  • Best of all, our baklava and desserts are all made in the USA and we are especially proud of that.
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Decide for yourself, here’s where to buy our baklava?

Don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself and see why Libanais Sweets Baklava is the best baklava. Our products are available for sale on our secure online store, on our Amazon store, at a grocery store near you, or in our retail stores.