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Thank you for your interest in our Wholesale Baklava Partners Program.

In addition to our retail stores, Libanais Sweets is also as a wholesaler and distributor of Baklava, Maamoul, and Pita Bread & Chips to large franchise retail grocery stores and small grocery stores, food distributors, restaurants, and bakeries throughout the 50 United States. Our products include original baklava, vegan baklava, sugar free baklava, maamoul, and other specialty cookies. Find a retailer in your area now

We provide discounted pricing for wholesale businesses interested in the distribution or resale of our products.

Did you know that Libanais is…

  1. The fastest growing brand of baklava in the United States?
  2. Dedicated to producing the highest quality sweets using 100% natural ingredients and  absolutely no preservatives?
  3. Committed to the Vegan community and has the widest selection of products prepared especially for our Vegan friends?

To request more information about our wholesale products and pricing or to talk with us about your specific needs, please contact us or call (847) 329-5060. We would love to help you with the right selections for your particular establishment.

Selling and shipping across the USA

Our baklava has spread across the 50 United States from our online store, our Amazon store and through our valued retailers. For more information on our shipping schedules to each state please check our shipping page for more information.