Asawer (a-sa-wer)

What is Asawer (Bracelets)?

The world’s finest nuts crushed inside our secret phyllo dough rolled in the shape of bracelets.


Wheat flour, pistachios or cashews, sugar, ghee, salt.


Asawer closely resembles the other Lebanese pastry called Fingers except that it is shaped into a circular ring resembling a bracelet.

It is crunchy, light, and small in size which make it great for those who want a small bite of sweetness without much calories.

Meaning and Pronunciation of “Asawer”

Pronounced [a-sa-wer], it is Lebanese for “bracelets”. It got its name because it is rolled in the shape of circular rings resembling bracelets.

How is Asawer Made?

First the dough and the sugar syrup are prepared, then the phyllo dough is filled with nuts, rolled into long strings then shaped into circular bracelets and baked.

Preparation of the Dough

Asawer (Bracelets) pastries are made of the same phyllo dough used in original Baklava. To make the dough, flour, water, and salt are mixed together. The dough is then kneaded extensively to form very thin layers.

Preparation of Iswara in the Shape of Bracelets

After each sheet of dough is kneaded in the form of a disk, it is flipped around its diameter using a rod to form a half disk. Then the filling made of raw pine kernels and cashews is added along the long side of the dough. The dough is next rolled over the filling in the shape of long strings with the help of a long rod. Finally, the long strings are cut then shaped into circular rings taking the form of bracelets and garnished with either pistachios or pine kernels.

Baking of Asawer

The nuts filled bracelet shape dough pieces are placed on a baking sheet and topped with ghee.

After baking on high temperature for about one hour the remaining ghee is drained, hot sugar syrup is added and the sweet bracelets are left to cool.

Serving Suggestions

Asawer constitutes a relatively light dessert and thus the perfect dessert after a heavy meal. It is usually served as part of assorted Baklava arrangements.


Asawer is most popular in Lebanon and in Middle Eastern countries.


Asawer is one of the Assorted Baklava pastries that is made with phyllo dough.

Assorted baklava pastries are made of two forms of dough: Paper thin sheets of phyllo dough and thin strings of dough called knafeh dough. Asawer takes advantage of the thinness of the dough that enables it to be rolled over many layers to form the shape of elegant bracelets.

It is an element of Lebanese sweets.

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