Ghraybeh (ghray-beh)

What is Ghraybeh?

Ghraybeh [ghray-beh] is a soft butter cookie garnished with pistachios. It is so soft and delicious it melts in your mouth at first bite.


Flour, butter ghee, powder sugar, pistachio, vanilla extract.


Ghraybeh, due to its abundance in butter ghee and powder sugar, has a distinctive smooth taste and melts in your mouth in seconds.

How is Ghraybeh Made?

To make Ghraybeh, the dough is first prepared by mixing flour, butter ghee, powder sugar, and a hint of vanilla. Small pieces of dough are then cut and rolled by hand to form circular shapes. Whole pistachio pieces are added for garnish, and the dough is baked on medium temperature for 20 minutes.


It is popular in many Middle Eastern countries, especially in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, and the Gulf region. It is also popular in Turkey.

Serving Suggestions

It is a cookie best served with coffee or tea.


Ghraybeh is a Lebanese butter cookie, and it is also referred to sometimes as a sugar cookie.